Finally, the Uncle Wesley’s Thirdhand Store is open!


It has been a loooong process this far and we are truly ecstatic now that the store is open. The idea for the shop came to existence, when two rather peculiar individuals put their thoughts, passions, and possessions together. Uncle Wesley’s came to be a mad mixture of things we love: curiosities, bones, anatomy, interior design, leather, old things and recycled materials. This blog is all about Uncle Wesley’s. In this blog I will share things that inspire me. Mainly thoughts about design, interiors, and home, and also things that go on at Uncle Wesley’s. I promise, it will be curious.

All this madness kinda started when variety of animal bones, skulls and skeletons, came to live with me (along with my boyfriend) and I realised them to be rather beautiful and interesting. I already had a degree in biology and fascination towards human anatomy, but I had not thought about decorating my home with bones. When this happened kind of naturally I noticed the real potential with these kinds of items. Uncle Wesley’s Thirdhand Store’s focus is to combine curiosities with stylish yet unique interior design. We want to show, that skulls and dead animals do not have to be just macabre and creepy, they can be beautiful design elements when presented the right way.

Recycling and old things are the backbone of our business idea. During my fashion design studies I became really passionate about recycled leather. There are so many hideous old leather jackets lying around, that nobody wants to use, but the leather is still in perfect condition. At first, this approach was mainly just an intriguing design obstacle; how to utilize small pieces of used leather so that the end product doesn’t look, well recycled. You know those shopping bags made out of used coffee packets? That kind. This approach is still main part of my design process, but it also became an environmental issue for me. So much perfectly good material is wasted these days and this really started to bug me. So, our company uses as much recycled materials as possible. It is so much more satisfying to find the right kind of recycled materials, than walk to a hardware store and buy new ones. This hunt for materials and trying to figure out how to use them is one of the best parts of the design process. At least for me. This far we have used recycled glass, wood, and metal parts as building blocks for our products. Soon there will be also recycled leather bags for sale in our online store.


Hand in hand with recycling aspect goes our fascination towards vintage items. For us, old things are so much more interesting than new ones, because they have a history, signs of previous life. At home, the history behind our own furniture and things bring so much joy every day. It is great to think about the stories behind every item. How they ended up at our home or where they have been before. At Uncle Wesley’s Thirdhand Store we want to make sure, that if there is a good story behind an item, we will tell it forward. And yes, you might wonder about the name Thirdhand Store? We think this perfectly describes the nature of our store. We take the secondhand items a step forward by restoring them or making new ones from secondhand materials. And here we go, we have a thirdhand item!


With our store and with this blog we want to share our unique design aesthetic and give new and fresh point of view for interior design. I truly feel that our vision will inspire other people too and we are not the only weirdos around. Although, I will be mainly behind these posts, I think Jani will also have something to say time to time. As a matter of fact, he is the weirdest one. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do!


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